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About Us

Suanne E Howes CTM is a Co-owner of Superior Shores Wellness Centre.  It has been operating as a successful co-operative for the past 8 years. We have many affiliates with expertise in a variety of health related fields. Suanne is a winner or the Paro Award " Woman of Distinction" for this novel and affordable approach to operating a wellness centre. Her 25 years working in the library field coupled with her desire to help others obtain wellness has been a lifetime passion. With the statistic rising to 1 in every 8 women developing breast cancer in their lifetime Suanne has made her specific focus breast health prevention and awareness. Three of her family members have suffered and lost their lives to this deadly and unforgiving disease. When thermal imaging is used as part of a multimodal approach (clinical exam, mammography and thermography) 95% of early-stage breast cancer can be detected. Early detection is very important but Suanne believes prevention to be the key. Environmental concerns is an area of advocacy that Suanne also believes in.  She recently participated in her local climate walk supporting a save the planet campaign for our Grandkids. She personally supports The David Suzuki Foundation and has for many years. In fact she is excited about the most recent blue dot campaign. Having environmental protection wording in our constitution is a must. Suanne is an Internationally Certified Thermal Imaging Technician/Manager and a Certified Nutraceutical Consultant as well. Mother of 4 sons and Grandmother to 5.  She has volunteered and served on several boards of directors in her community in the areas of the performing arts and mental health.



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