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About Us

Suanne E. Howes, C.T.T has been a Co-owner for 9 years of Superior Shores Wellness Centre.  Suanne is a winner or the Paro Award " Woman of Distinction".  Her 25 years working in the library field coupled with her desire to help others obtain wellness has been a lifetime passion. With the statistic rising to 1 in every 8 women developing breast cancer in their lifetime Suanne has made her specific focus breast health prevention and awareness. Environmentalist, Internationally Certified Thermal Imaging Technician, Nutraceutical Consultant and community volunteer in the areas of the performing arts, mental health and animal rights and protection.

Trudi J. Jones, C.T.T is a graduate of McKellar Hospital's Laboratory Technologists Program.  Trudi is also a Peer Counsellor, an Internationally Certified Thermal Imaging Technician, Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Mental Health Recovery Counsellor.  She is presently involved in the wellness field with her business known as StressBusters (for chronic conditions) and is an Outreach Chaplin. Trudi is interested in all expressions of spirituality.



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