Your Choice Thermal Imaging
with Kim Brooker - Clinical Thermal Imaging Technician and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Hillcrest Centre - The old Hillcrest High School
96 High St. N, Room 410,
 Thunder Bay    P7A 5R3

(807) 632-2575

About Us

Kim Brooker is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, certified clinical aromatherapist, and thermal imaging technician. She loves alternative and complementary health care and is thrilled to bring thermography to Thunder Bay, offer it in her Community Acupuncture Clinic, and help women have more control over their breast health.

Kim became very interested in breast thermal imaging when she had one family member and two friends diagnosed with breast cancer.
All of these women had been having the accepted screening procedures done faithfully and then found out that they had cancer. One of these friends ultimately died. Kim struggled and researched to find a "better way". Finding that digital infrared thermal imaging has the ability to detect early warning signs of breast health changes long before a mammogram actually has the ability to discover a lump or mass, appealed to Kim. When she then found out that with changes in lifestyle - diet, exercise, and supplementation, some of these warning signs can be reversed or eliminated, she decided that she had to incorporate this breast health assessment tool into her health care offerings in her health care clinic. Offering digital infrared thermal imaging to the women of Thunder Bay and area as well as affordable, community style acupuncture is a dream come true for Kim.

Kim has lived in sunny Florida for the past twelve years and previous to that spent her entire life living in southern Ontario. Her training in complimentary health care was achieved in Florida where she successfully owned and operated a health care clinic in sunny Bradenton. 
Kim was excited to take her next step in the spring of 2013 and bring all of her knowledge and training with her, and live in beautiful Thunder Bay with her husband Rick.
Kim and Rick joined two of their four children and their four grandchildren in Thunder Bay -- and couldn't be happier.




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